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Koebe Stern
ULLI KOEBE photography & advertising

Personal Responsibility

We bear the consequences for our own actions. We do not look for guilty parties, but analyse the issues.
We recognize our decisions.


Through active listening, we recognize the values, strengths and weaknesses of others. We are open to new attitudes and new ways and take our philosophy into account.


We support our claim to the service in creativity and photography with our professional and social competences. We continuously develop our competencies and reflect this to the outside world.


We recognize our mistakes and advantages and make concessions to ourselves. We express our true opinion with the sense and purpose of a positive result and the fulfillment of common goals.


We inform our customers, employees and all interested people about our developments and actions. This is done through direct dialogue or through good public relations work.

Success-oriented Action

In our actions, we define the will to succeed, although we are creative and also break new ground. We do not want success at any price.


We treat each other openly, tolerantly, honestly and respectfully. We discuss objectively and factually correctly and thus ensure a good exchange of information.


We are able to quickly rethink in surprising situations, to act unbureaucratically and to make correct decisions. We are always looking for different - and sometimes new - solutions. The balance of "head" and "stomach" is important.

Consistency and Dynamism

We are always on the lookout for new challenges and new solutions, develop our self-motivation and are always on the move as a role model.


In every cooperation with customers and employees the mutual benefit is in the foreground. We accept different needs and find a common solution through fair, open and economically sound negotiations, from which everyone benefits in the end. We always strengthen the "sense of togetherness" and want a both win-win solution.


We're better than the competition. Through targeted market observation and constant further development, we offer customers and employees tailor-made and individual solutions that are constantly being dynamically adapted. We also pay attention to the personality of the people involved.


Our performance is characterised by a strong relationship of trust with each other as well as with customers and employees. In order to fulfil this trust, we are reliable in our actions, economically considerate on all sides and are aware of our obligation to fulfil orders.

Social Responsibility

Through personal presence at the workplace and intensive contact with the customer, we live our duty of care and guarantee safety at the workplace. We also provide performance-oriented payments and thus live up to our social responsibility.

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